Studio Wae was founded by Tynke van den Heuvel. When she worked for designlabel Basematters she was looking for a special carpet on Pinterest, which had to be soft, flat and adjustable. That’s when she scouted the Cityscapes. The only problem was that the carpet wasn't on the market yet; until then, Cityscapes was a study project of Elena and Peter, under the label of Allt Studio.


Allt Studio was still looking for a label to produce their carpet tiles. Because Tynke wanted to have the carpet tiles so bad, this is where their collaboration started. After a ton of research, she found a perfect match in materials: wool felt. Cityscapes were then made available in different colors of high quality 100% wool felt.


Starting this year, the Cityscapes were also launched as a contemporary outdoor product. The tiles meant for garden paths and terraces are inspired by M.C. Escher. It provides for numerous ways to scape your landscape.

Wae circular collaborations

Other than the regular tiles, Tynke wanted to work with recycled products too. With her 14 years of experience in this field, she started looking for circular solutions. This is where i-did_slow fashion-movement became involved. This company makes fashion and accessoires from recycled felt. For Cityscapes, the felt is made of Dutch army and flight attendants uniforms, recycled black clothes, and regular clothes.


For the outdoor Cityscapes tiles, Tynke wanted a sustainable and circular tile, one with a story. She addressed multiple recyclers she previously worked with, to find out if they had clean waste that could be reused. A clean glass fraction without a recycling-process is what she found. Normally, this fraction would be waste, but now it’s the 35% glass in our Circular Cityscapes tiles. She looked for more reusable materials and for now the tiles are made with 65% reused materials. This is how the partnership with NL Greenlabel started. The tiles are marked with the NLGreenlabel sustainability label A.

Wae is always looking for collaborations with other companies.

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