different in-house areas call for different area carpets

AREa carpet

Decorate each living space with one of our beautiful area carpets. Warm your feet when you are stepping out of bed on a soft wool felt Cityscapes. Keep those feet warm in your walk in closet or make up space, with another Cityscapes laid out. Or soundproof your kids’ playroom with carpets on the floor or even on the walls. Get creative and enjoy Cityscapes. 

Floor carpet

Cityscapes can be used as floor carpets, as well as acoustic wall decorations. It all depends on your sense of style. From office spaces to nurseries, the soft and durable material is made to be used intensively. See it for yourself and try Cityscapes.

Living room carpet

The Cityscapes is perfect as a living room carpet. Bring some color into concrete designed interiors, or finish your perfect geometric decorations with your own custom designed Cityscapes. Our living room carpet fits any space.  

Design carpets curated by

Our circular design carpets are curated by i-did_slow fashion_movement. i-did believes in a social and circular society and helped us find the most suitable fabrics for our circular tiles. Dependent on the color, the tiles are either made from army or flight attendant uniforms or from used clothes. Durable and with a story, that’s how we see our circular Cityscapes.  


  • Sound absorbing 
  • Insulating 
  • Acoustic
  • Flame retardent 
  • 1 tile: 0,0401 m
  • 1 carpet (1,6 m2) consists of 40 tiles
  • With 50 tiles you create a carpet of 2 m2