dutch design rugs, for all area's

AREA rugs

Different in-house areas call for different area rugs. So why not choose multiple shapes, sizes and colors of area rugs? You can fit our rugs into all areas, such as your bedroom, living room or kids bedroom/play room. Cityscapes are as soft as a baby’s bottom, and will please anyone looking for an ideal rug for their living areas. 

BEdroom rugs

Winters can get cold in the bedroom, so why suffer from cold feet if you can choose a rug that’ll warm your feet as soon as you step out of your bed? Cityscapes are ideal rugs for the bedroom. They look perfect and feel perfect. Read more about our bedroom rugs.


Looking for living room rugs? Spice up your living space with Cityscapes. Its sharp edges and bright colors make every living room look vibrant. More into grey accessoires? Then choose our grey Cityscapes. Or mix grey together with another favorite color. Read more about living room rugs. 

Kids rugs 

Kids love to play on the floor, wether it may be in their bedrooms or playrooms. Cityscapes are the playful design your kids will love. Mix yellow and blue together, to symbolize a beach, for example. Cityscapes are durable, strong and soft. Read more about kids rugs. 


  • Sound absorbing 
  • Insulating
  • Flame retardent 
  • 1 tile: 0,0401 m
  • 1 carpet (1,6 m2) consists of 40 tiles
  • With 50 tiles you create a carpet of 2 m2