dutch design rugs, for all area's

Design rugs

Modern and original design rugs that are Pinterest-worthy? That is Cityscapes best described in one sentence. You can choose its shape and size, and even its color. Mix and match for a playful design rug, or keep it easy on the eye and stick to just one color. With their durable material and geometric shapes, our Cityscapes complete any area.

Modern rugs

Cityscapes are modern rugs with a playful twist. Not squared or round, but oddly shaped like the design of a modern city. Make others green with envy with your isometric Cityscapes, or just tell them where they came from so they can get their own. Whatever your interior choices may be, these rugs provide the soft finishing touch you are looking for.

Contemporary rugs

Contemporary interiors needs contemporary rugs. Cityscapes is exactly that. Contemporary through its look and feel, designed with M.C. Escher in mind and unique, since you can design your own. Let your inner interior designer come to light and get creative. Even when you are looking for a contemporary rug for your office space, Cityscapes will best fit your wishes. 


  • Sound absorbing 
  • Insulating  
  • Acoustic
  • Flame retardent
  • 1 tile: 0,0401 m
  • 1 carpet (1,6 m2) consists of 40 tiles
  • With 50 tiles you create a carpet of 2 m2