sturdy, flat and sound-absorbing

Kids rugS

Kids love to play on rugs. They're warm, comfy and with a little imagination they can symbolize a whole different world. Cityscapes can be this different world. The tiles can either be in one colour (imagine an ocean on the floor for your kids, if you order our sky blue Cityscapes) or multiple colors, that’s all up to you and your kid. And above all, Cityscapes are sound-absorbing. So no more running feet around the house, but just silence. Enjoy your own Cityscapes.

kids bedroom rugs

Are you looking for kids bedroom rugs? Cityscapes are the playful solution for your children. They are sound-absorbing, insulating, warm and soft. With their quirky edges and geometric shapes, they add that fun touch to your kids bedroom. The different tiles can be matched together and be re-arranged, like a puzzle. So change the shape if you’re looking for something new, or change tiles when one gets dirty. Perfect to play with!

kids playroom rugs

Cityscapes are also suitable as kids playroom rugs. Because of their modular design, the rugs will fit anywhere, and look optically beautiful. And since they have a flat surface, Cityscapes are even steady enough to build blocks on. Let them choose their favorite color, or choose for yourself.


  • Sound absorbing 
  • Insulating  
  • Flame retardent
  • 1 tile: 0,0401 m
  • 1 carpet (1,6 m2) consists of 40 tiles
  • With 50 tiles you create a carpet of 2 m2