Create your own Circular


recycled & with a story


Why not customize your own garden path or terrace? Our sustainable concrete tiles are made from 76% recycled recourses from Urban Mining. They are durable, strong and because of the material also non-slip. With their geometric design these tiles are easy to use for your own ornamental paving. Have a look at the Right Wae Collection with over 60 different measurements of circular Concrete.

sustainable modular rugs

Would you rather create your own Wae? Our sustainable rugs are made from reclaimed waste of carpet tile production. Like weaving and coloring mistakes. We make handmade modular carpets in the color of your choosing. Make an apointment at the store to check out our colors to create your own Wae!

Sustainable modular Carpet Tiles

Would you rather create your own Wae? Then have a look at our sustainable carpet tiles. You can combine and mix up all different colors available. Not sure which tiles you should choose? Have a look at impressions.


Sustainable design is design with a story. The material is made from old clothes, from regular clothes to old uniforms. Depending on the color, you will receive a Cityscapes wall carpet made from recycled army uniforms if you choose defense green, flight attendants uniforms if you pick sky blue or recycled black clothes for the circular black carpet. The circular rug is curated by i-did_ Whether inside or outside, decorate each space with circular City wall carpets.

Dutch Design

Cityscapes were initiated by Allt Studio and eventually produced in the Netherlands, it therefore qualifies as Dutch Design. Read more about how Cityscapes came to be Dutch Design, or more about the circular collaborations on the About Studio Wae page.