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Circular Concrete

Circular Concrete Cityscapes move the isometric Cityscapes design to the outdoor area. This unique concrete tile, inspired on the artwork of M.C. Escher, is used to upgrade any garden, square or street. The geometrical tiles enables you to create your own personally designed shape. They are produced with 65% recycled materials. The tiles are 6cm thick and therefore suitable for light transport. 


Cityscapes carpet is a tiled carpet made of 100% woolfelt available in different colors. You can rearrange the tiles into various shapes or colors and create symmetrical geometry as well as asymmetrical islands. The carpet is easy to install and rearrange. It is has a high acoustic and insulating value and looks beautiful as a wall carpet as well.


Studio Wae is making design circular by using recycled resources and re-use materials that do not have a recycling proces.  Production of Wae's complete collection is done in The Netherlands. We have a special Circular collection in Carpets and Concrete tiles. The prices are the same as the non-circular products.


Be creative and see what you can do. Create your own Wae.