The Box

Go for a climate-adaptive parking space or outdoor space with
our first 76% circular and 40.3% water-permeable grass tile.

The Box ‘ParkWae’ 

We got him! Our first circular water-permeable tile!
Available at Studio Wae from the first quarter of 2024., for large projects.



Give rainwater a place and replace stones for more greenery.
The ‘open’ structure of this tile makes infiltration and drainage of rainwater possible.
With a percentage of 40.3%, the water permeability is very high. More water in the soil ensures
a healthy outdoor space. You can fill the tile with grass, olivine, gravel, peach stone, etc.


Climate adaptation

Greening the outdoor space is also an effective measure against heat stress.
The tile provides the necessary water buffer, which allows it to handle long
periods of drought during the summer


Go for a green parking space

Due to the correct ratio between greenery and petrification, the ‘ParkWae’ is:

–  a sustainable solution for paving the parking lot

–  a way to prevent soil desiccation; this makes spraying almost unnecessary

–  suitable for parking spaces passenger cars in traffic class: 15


Aesthetic paving

The Box ‘ParkWae’ can be nicely combined with our design outdoor tile ‘The Box’.
You can have these seamlessly merge into the same pattern.
This creates an unique graphic appearance for your parking area.


Dimensions and weight

The ParkWae is 60 x 40 x 12 cm ( 5 tiles per m2) and circa 35 kg per tile.





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12 cm thick, traffic class 15, 76% Circular, 40,3% Water permeable

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