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Check our circular projects and collaborations below.

Circular, modular City carpet at Tivoli Vredenburg

Producer: Studio Wae  Project: Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht) Product name: Circular City..

Polygon Carpets, Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL)

Producer: Studio Wae Product name: Circular Polygon Carpet..

Delva Project, Yotel Hotel Amsterdam

Project: Yotel Hotel Asperweg Amsterdam Product name: The..

Studio Wae and ProRail Nederland

In September 2019, Studio Wae delivered the first..

Circular City carpet AVR (Rozenburg)

Assignment by: Fokkema & Partners Architecten The AVR..

Stichtse Vecht (Woerden) custom made modular, circular carpet

Producer: Studio Wae Assignment by: GZ OfficeXperience Product name: Circular..

Shoe retailer Torfs, (Wijnegem) is going The Circular Wae!

Producer: Studio Wae Assignment by: Torfs Product name: Circular Boom..

Pharos building (Hoofddorp) upholstering with impact on CO2.

Producer: Studio Wae Assignment by: Sheryl Leysner Product name:..

UWV main office (Amsterdam), creating a sustainable lobby

Producer: Studio Wae Assignment by: Gispen Product name: Circular Boomerang..