The Cityscape tile is a design outdoor tile, inspired by the works of M.C. Escher. With this tile, everyone can be a designer. The unique tiles are perfect to construct winding paths and decks with volatile geometrical shapes.


The unique tiles are perfect to construct winding paths and decks with volatile geometrical shapes.

76% CIRCULAR                                           

With the production of the Circular Cityscapes tiles, Studio Wae was able to combine both her love for design and passion for recycling. Residual waste from structures that are up for demolition and old paving are processed into raw materials to make the tiles. This results in a high-quality design tile which is guaranteed to last for years. We are partners with NL Greenlabel for a sustainable outdoor space.


For an even more intense Escher-experience, check out our 3D-objects that are based on the same principle to dress up your space. The Cityscapes elements are designed to blend into the environment and serve either as flowerpot, seat or steppingstone. The elements are super easy to maintain due to their simple shape.

The stackable elements are 60 cm wide and breed 12 cm high. They come in sets of three. 2 hollow parts and one solid. The Cityscape Seat can also serve as flowerpot or steppingstone.


We offer three standard colours: anthracite, terracotta and grey. Also available with matching sustainable kerbs and seats. For larger projects we can produce tiles in any colour.


• Do not leave (potting) soil, contaminated sand or cement on the tiles. Remove this immediately with clean water and a soft brush.

• Do not leave dirt and leaves lying for too long to prevent contamination of the tiles.

• Do not use chemical or synthetic cleaning agents.

• Do not use a high-pressure cleaner as this will cause roughening of the tile.

• Clean the tiles if necessary with clean water and our advice is to do this in combination

with the products of Normeco or with the Bionyx “Terrace and driveway cleaner” (available at the Intratuin, among others).


How sustainble is this product?

LCA MKI (Noord-Holland) calculation by NIBE

LCA MKI (Nederland excl. Noord Holland) calculation by NIBE

Sustainability Passport by NL GREENLABEL


Would you like a drawing of this shape for your next project?

Download .DXF file

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Cityscapes on the website of NL GREENLABEL:

Dimensions of this tile:

45,5 x 59,5 x 6 (9,2 tiles per m2)

The Cityscapes are certified by NL Greenlabel with:

Sustainability Label A

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We make our circular floor solutions for private individuals from 4 m2.


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