Delva Project, Yotel Hotel Amsterdam

Producer: Studio Wae
Commissioned by: Yotel Hotel
Location: Asperweg, Amsterdam
Product name: The Right Wae circular tiles for paving
Material: 76% circular resources from urban mining
Design: Terracotta, brown and anthracite
Quantity: ca. 1000 m2
Style: Modern, industrial, spatial

Collaborating partners: Delva Landschaparchitecten & Kleywegen Aannemingsbedrijf

Studio Wae produced the paving for the Yotel Hotel which has an ambitious approach to sustainability. Together with the architects of Delva, we collaborated on the paving design. The paving had a regular pattern of rectangles and was finished off with a steel kerb (metal paving edging). The customer was more than happy with the quality of the tiles. The collaboration with contractor Kleywegen was fun and efficient and we hope to work together again in the future.

Unique product specifications:

  • This shape and size was designed and custom-made for Delva Landschapsarchitecten
  • This particular size is suitable for traffic
  • The tiles are 76% recycled materials from resources from the building industry and old paving
  • Our anti-slip tiles are suitable for traffic and any type of weather!