Pharos building (Hoofddorp) upholstering with impact on CO2.

Producer: Studio Wae

Assignment by: Sheryl Leysner

Product name: Circular Boom tiles

Material: 100% Circular modular carpet tiles inspired by M.C. Escher

Colours, patterns: Multiple sand colours from our circular stock in the Boomerang shape.

Maximum size tile: 48 x 48 cm.

Styles: Modern, industrial, design, vintage

Quantity: 220 m2.

Unique product properties:

100% Produced of production waste of Interface with social impact. Studio Wae focuses on working for an honest pay for Syrian status holders. Also, the product is climate neutral with a negative Co2 Footprint.


Modular carpet tiles

Specific product information:

Available in more than 80 different colour combinations. Also suitable to use the ‘Urban Mining’ material from your own project. Partners: Sherryl Leysner architecten, Coare

Studio Wae has produced the modular carpet tiles in Boom shape for the Pharos building. The architect, Sheryll Leysner, has used circular and sustainable products wherever possible throughout the entire project, including some of her own designs. Studio Wae’s circular flooring perfectly matched this approach. Sherryl sent us a number of moodboards and Studio Wae presented multiple colour combinations. Sherryl Leysner eventually opted for the Boomerang shape in the proposed combination. The tiles are suitable for rolling chairs. They are simply put on the flattened surface without glue but with a non-slip layer. Any tiles with insoluble stains can easily be replaced.


Peter Tijhuis