Shoe retailer Torfs, (Wijnegem) is going The Circular Wae!

Producer: Studio Wae
Commissioned by: Torfs
Location: Wijnegem, Belgium
Product name: Boom rug
Material: Carpet tile production waste from Interface
Design: Various greens and beige colours from our circular inventory, inspired by M.C. Escher
Tile dimensions: 48x48cm
Style: Modern, industrial, vintage
Quantity: 120m2

Collaborating partners: Tords, Alcopro Flooring

Studio Wae produced the modular tiles for the Belgian shoe retailer: Torfs. Like in the Netherlands, sustainability is a growing theme in Belgium. Torf aims to implement and improve extensive sustainability in all their stores. We composed a colour proposal based on the moodboard of Torf’s team of architects. The modular rug tiles of Studio Wae are the perfect addition to Torf’s new fresh looks and its sustainability goals. Also, your new shoes will look so much better on these amazing modular rug tiles!