Studio Wae and ProRail Nederland

In September 2019, Studio Wae delivered the first circular platform to ProRail and at the end of Febuary 2020, the second platform was installed in Maarn. For this project, 100% of the old paving was processed to produce new resources, and 76 % was used for the new 30x30x5 tiles. For this, we developed a new recipe and, with a little help from our contractor and the producer, designed a mould. This benefits our climate and saved ca. 190 tons of new raw material extraction, as well as 61.5 tons of Co2.


Next to this, the raw material of The Right Wae tiles stay in the circular loop because when the product is worn out, 100% of the tiles can again be processed into new material for circular paving. And this is exactly where we should be as by 2025, we will be completely out of resources to make concrete. It is crucial that reusable material is saved to be recycled.

The entire production process is executed in the Netherlands. The Right Wae collection has durability label A of NLGreenlabel. Next to this, NIBE has calculated the MKI, MCI and LCA. We use the raw material from the old paving to produce new paving. The new paving has a completely different character and score better than linear tiles in most of the tests, most of all in strength and gruffness. Also, the raw material stays in the loop and can be infinitely reused.


This modest project has had a great impact on raw material extraction. With ca. 1000 m2 it has saved 85 tons of new raw material extraction. Usually, the used material is crushed and fixed under the asphalt. Now, we work together with our processor to break down the material in even smaller fractions and sift it to extract all impurities. 76% of the weight of the raw material is now replaced by this fraction.


  • Our tiles score 92% on the MCI (Material Circularity Index
  • The old tiles are 100% recycled
  • The raw materials stay in the loop
  • A product that looks better (esthetic) than standard paving
  • The product can be scaled up